Yu-Gi-OH! Decks For Beginners

YU GI OH Decks for Beginners-That Rock!

Yu- Gi-OH!


Welcome to 2021! Here in 2021 Trading Card Games have seen a rise in sales and are very popular among people of all ages. In 2009 this game was awarded the Top Selling Trading Card Game having sold over 22 billion cards worldwide. There is a huge market for obtaining some of the most rare cards this game has to offer. Some people like myself know little about the game but collect the cards for their secondary market value. Aside from this turning into a collector’s playground it is actually one of the best trading card games ever and people are starting to catch wind of it. I really wish that I would have learned how to play this game instead of only drawing and collecting the cards. While everyone else is probably engaging in some sort of Duel I have been finding you and I some Yu- Gi-OH! decks for beginners. That’s right, you and I. You’re here for a reason and I always want to help lead my friends in the right direction. So here we are.

You Want In!

Hold your horses cowboy!-Doesn’t work like that ’round here! Do some digging before rigging! Look before you book! Learn before you earn! Crawl before you walk! I can go all day but all I’m saying is learn and start from the beginning. Trust me.

It may be a good idea to go back to the late 90s early 2000s magna series so that you can fall in love with the character and follow his journey. Yugi Mutou is a boy who solves the ancient millennium puzzle. During that time period two anime adoptions were produced titled ” YU-GI-OH Duel Monsters, which aired until 2004. Really cool stuff-check it out.

Jump Comics/Yu-Gi-OH!

YU-GI-OH Trading Card Game was launched by Kanomi, in Japan, in 1999 and March 2002 in North America.

The rest is the future! The game is played by players drawing from their decks and playing onto the field when it’s their turn to play. You will have a main deck with 40 – 60 cards and an extra deck of fifteen cards. There is also an ” optional ” deck of up to fifteen cards to stash on the side to swap out some cards you don’t want from the other decks. Cool option.

There are three different card types ( monster, spell and trap ) that you will be using to defeat your opponents with. All monster cards possess a type and attribute; there are 25 types and 7 attributes. Use your Monster Cards to attack your opponents monster and life points and use your spell cards to cast spells. Spell Cards come in handy because they can be used to revive old ” Blue-Eyes ” or raise attack points. ” Trap Cards ” are self explanatory-use them to trap opponents.

How To Win

  • Get your opponents points down to zero.
  • If your opponent has to draw from the main deck but can’t, you win.
  • Force a forfeit
  • You can also trigger an automatic win ( or loss ) having the right cards in hand under the right conditions.

Tournament Time?

Yu-Gi-OH! Tournament

Not a chance in hell! These experts have played for countless hours, have run through every deck available, know all the tricks & trades and are here to win one of those ” Event Prizes ” everyone wants. They will destroy you and your cards!!!

I know it sounds tempting to challenge all your friends now that you have a little information and some cash but humble yourself my friend. You could go get yourself the latest ” Booster Box ” of 2020 ( absolutely nothing wrong with that ) and try to figure things out while getting crushed by your opponents, or you could go get yourself the latest ” Booster Box ” of 2020 ( put it to the side for later ) along with a starter deck for beginners. It is not necessary to go back in time flipping through old magazine issues ( find one let me know ) or to start with starter decks to enjoy this game. You can jump in on the fun at any time and pick up skills along the way but I suggest you get acquainted with a few decks before you do.

For Starters

For starters, ” Starter Decks ” are pre-constructed decks ( usually ) styled after a specific character’s deck. These decks are designed for beginners to learn how to play and offer general guides. These decks also contain some pretty basic cards. The first starter decks ever were ” Yugi ” and ” Kaiba “, and are each half of the first YU-GI-OH Card Game-Set EX.


I highly recommend that you at least buy Yugi & Kaiba Starter Decks

” As an Amazon Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases. “

These two decks are modern revamps of the originals ( YUGI Reloaded & KAIBA Reloaded ) and each starter deck contains: 49 cards, 1 Ultimate Rare, 1 Beginners Guide, and 1 Game Mat. Everything you need to get started so get started now!


The original starter decks each contained 50 cards; decks after 2006 usually contained 40 – 45 cards

Now that you are heavily armed with some valuable knowledge and a place to purchase some cool cards that rock-GO!

Go Get’em Cowboy !


Don’t Just Sit There-Get To Amazon!

Rider On Horse

No Rush

One thing about trading card games is that they are here to stay so you can buy your cards whenever you get ready.

I plan on sticking around for a while and would love to hear from you and have some ” Card Talk “.

If you have anything to add like questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to leave them below in the comments.

Best Cards & Best Regards

Jontae, Founder of Cards Cartel


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