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What Is The Most Expensive Baseball Card In The World?


Baseball is arguably America’s favorite sport even without the argument for argument’s sake. You wanna argue?

With that lovely statement being made clear and understood globally, naturally collecting baseball cards would be an all time favorite for millions of people in America and abroad. You and I included. If you are anything like me you started out as a kid buying and collecting cards of your favorite teams and players as a hobby and it has since turned into a passion. By now, you probably have a pretty nice collection including some graded cards, autographed cards, and all the baseball memorabilia you can handle. You’re all set. Set or not we all want to know, ” what is the most expensive baseball card in the world? “.

Say No More!

The Most Expensive Card In The World T206 Sweet Caporal Honus Wagner PSA Card

Honus Wagner

Pictured above is the 1909-11 T206 Honus Wagner Baseball Card. It is the ” Holy Grail ” of baseball cards and can proudly boast that position with a price tag of over 3 million dollars. 3.12 million dollars just in case you want to be all exact about it.

This card is often referred to as the ” Jumbo Card “, and is slightly bigger than the standards measuring in at 1 7/16″ by 2 11/16″. As the story goes, a man from Vermont was the original owner and after passing away it was sold by his daughter.

Johannes Peter ” Honus ” Wagner was an American Baseball Player at the shortstop position who played 21 seasons in Major League Baseball mostly for the Pittsburg Pirates. His career spanned from 1897 to 1917. Wagner holds the National League record to this day. Other major accomplishments include leading the league in slugging six times and stolen bases five times.

Players who reach such heights will always be remembered and likely inducted into the hall of fame for their contribution just as Honus Wagner was. The professional cards of these elite players can fetch millions depending on the player and rarity of the card. The ” Jumbo Wagner ” is rare because of its obvious size but also because of the limited number of these cards believed to have been made. It’s rumored that only around 200 of these treasures were ever made. Wanna know why?

The Tobacco Industry

Cigarette Butts

You may not smoke and you may view tobacco as a horrible thing ( you should ) but you may want to thank the American Tobacco Company one day for bringing baseball cards to the market. That’s right, the ATC came up with the first version of cards for the public. They put baseball cards in with their cigarettes and the rest was history. ATC is why we have cards.

Maybe Mr. Wagner wasn’t a big fan of the tobacco industry either because as legend has it, he approached the ATC and had them pull his card from production. We will never know why he made such a ” Boss Move ” but as a result only around 200 are believed to have been made, making this one of the rarest in the world. You have to keep in mind that these were the first baseball cards available to the public and the world would only see 200. You understand that price tag a little better?

The runner-up of this treasure is itself of a different grade. A near mint condition Honus Wagner T206 card sold for 2.8 million in 2007 which was the highest recorded price ever for a baseball card. There is even record of a heavily damaged card of Wagner’s that sold at an auction for more than $250,000. I’m beginning to think replicas are even worth a little money.

Dismantle The Mantle

I remember the legacy of the Late Great Mickey Mantle much more than I do of Wagner’s. He was a household name and my Dad made sure I knew who he was. In fact, he used to tell me, ” you pick like the Mick! “, that’s because I was slugger myself. He was definitely my Dad’s favorite player of all time. My Dad told me that his cards were the most valuable of any other player. I’m serious, my Dad would tell me his card would go for millions so I think I just assumed one of Mantle’s cards would be the ” Holy Grail”. I’m gonna be phoning Dad soon. Honus Wagner’s card price Dismantles The Mantle’s card price.

Ruth Truth

Honestly, I would have bet my last dollar that Babe Ruth’s baseball card was the most expensive baseball card in the world. That’s because I know a lot more about him than most Hall Of Famer’s and I’m a fan. My dad told me great things about Babe also, and I’ve always wanted to own one of his cards. Never happened for me but I actively hunt and wait for a seller to slip up. Won’t happen. I’m still a little shocked that Babe doesn’t get to sport this crown. I was all the way wrong about this.

Outta Here!

And just like a Homer from the slugger himself, this particular card is outta here. And out of reach! That’s right, it’s not for sale. I’m not even sure that I could obtain one if I had the millions to spend on one. The owners of these treasures know what they have. Gold! These cards have been through the hands of some well-known people over the last few decades. Wayne Gretzky once owned and sold one of these cards. The card he sold was the most famous one of all because of speculation of it being altered. It’s not impossible but very unlikely that I’ll ever get my hands on one of these cards.




Dear Heavenly Father In The Heavenly Skies Above, I come as I am, humbled at your feet, to ask is there any way possible you could make me the rightful owner of this beautiful 1909-11 T206 Honus Wagner ” Jumbo Wagner ” baseball card.

1909-11 T206 Sweet Corporal, Honus Wagner

Top 10 Most Expensive Baseball Cards

Top 10 Most Expensive Baseball CardsTop 10 List, source, Wealthy Gorilla

What’s Not For Sale Can’t Be Expensive….. Right?

How do you put a price on something that’s not on the market? You can’t. Just because one of these cards may have been sold for 3 million dollars doesn’t mean it’s gonna be sold at that price. Or sold at all. This card is not for sale so in reality it is not the most expensive, but perhaps, one of the most valuable baseball cards in the world. What’s for sale out there then?

A New Era

And a new day when you can purchase the new ” Holy Grail ” of cards from a guy in Taiwan for $400,000. In 2018 Dave Oancea, also known as ” Vegas Dave “, did just that and became the owner of the world’s most expensive baseball card. This rare card’s beginning bid would be one million dollars and the selling price was already expected to surpass that of the previous world record which was held by Wagner. The card sold for $3.93 million in August, breaking the all time record.

The card was not featuring Wagner, instead it featured a new era version of him. Mike Trout, The new face of American Baseball. It was the 2009 Bowman Draft Picks Chrome Prospects Superfractors autographed Mike Trout Baseball Card.

2009 Bowman Draft Picks Chrome Prospects Superfractors, Mike Trout

Run Home

We have to give this guy the respect he deserves. He is a phenomenal baseball player who will be in the Hall Of Fame Someday. His record-breaking abilities are unmatched. Mike Trout has set Major League Baseball on fire. Mike Trout’s baseball card has set the world on fire. He will likely be regarded as the best that ever did it. All the experts know it.

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