What Is Magic The Gathering About

What Is Magic The Gathering About?

There are tons of people who want to know what is Magic The Gathering about and those wonderful people include you and I. Maybe you’re like me and know enough about it to have a casual conversation but if you were challenged in some kind of battle you’d fold your cards as if you were playing a horrible game of poker. I’m here with the GOODS.

The Beginning

So a genius by the name of Richard Garfield created this game with inspiration from the two games Cosmic Encounter and Dungeons & Dragons. It was released in 1993 by Wizards Of The Coast and has grown substantially in popularity all around the world. Jumping out ahead of Pokemon and others alike, MTG cards are pioneers in the trading card game.

MTG cards are released on a normal basis through expansion sets. There are more than 20 million players and billions of these cards have been printed since it’s release. Some cards can be valuable due to their rarity and in game use.

Game Play

Magic The Gathering Game Play

MTG is a collectible card game that can be played between two or more players. Back in my day you had to play in person but now they have software that allows you to enjoy the game in a virtual setting. It’s a battle between wizards who cast spells and use magic to summons creatures and artifacts to defeat their opponents in mind-blowing fashion.

The Deck/Building

The Deck/Building


MTG kept beginners in mind with their starter packs, giving us an idea of what deck building is all about.

This is serious business here and deck building is definitely a process that seems personal. Out of thousands of cards a player must evaluate them for many reasons. The player’s goal is to win, so building a deck based on power, synergy between cards, and the future interactions of the cards are well-thought-out in the construction of these decks.

Narrowing down the colors to be used in the deck is crucial to game play. Things just work better. Consistency in game play and the increased probability to cast your spells and do some real damage to your opponents.

In a sanctioned game, according to the official game rules, players are required to choose cards from their own inventory of cards. Keep in mind that when choosing cards you can not contain four cards of the same cards except for basics. As I previously stated, MTG kept beginners in mind it seems because in a sanctioned game, the pool of cards used is limited to the base sets that were released in the last two years. Might not seem huge to you but this limitation allows newer players to have a fair shot with the Pros. The official sanctioning body for competitive play has defined a large variety of formats that allow different pools of expansion to be used as well as deck alteration.

Smaller decks are formed in limited formats. In a booster draft, players open Booster Packs and Tournament Packs, pick a card, and pass it to the player seated next to him/her. Cool right? This rotation continues until a new pack is opened. A total of three packs are opened during the draft and once all cards are out players create their decks.

Expansions, Expansions, Expansions!MTG Expansions

Garfield and his team did a reissue of the game in 1993. This issue came with an expansion we know as Arabian Nights. Since then many expansions and revisions of the ” Core Sets ” have been released on a regular basis. Core sets were eliminated in 2015 and blocks now consisting of two sets, which are released biannually. But hold tight, that revision was short-lived and reversed in 2018. This game has been under the knife quite a bit but the essence is the same.


Magic The Gathering Tournament

The competition is fierce in the MTG world and you will find tournaments occurring on the regular. If you have ever wondered what goes on in the back of your favorite game card shop or next door to it, chances are that a tournament is taking place. I have come to learn it’s called ” Friday Night Magic “, and many local shops host these events as beginner tournaments so to speak. Wizards of the Coast sponsor much larger tournaments with players from around the world competing for large cash payouts. There are special rules set for these players to follow during tournament play.

If you are successful in winning a Pro Tour Qualifier you are eligible to compete in the actual Pro Tour which is a series of major tournaments. Seven out of eight players get eliminated in the last day of the Pro Tour leaving one winner remaining as Pro Tour Champion. Many Champions make it into the MTG Hall Of Fame-some are celebrities.

Magic World Championships are held at the end of the year and is said to be run like a Pro Tour but players need skill in more than one format to compete. I think it sucks that even if you are Champion in a Pro Tour you are not automatically qualified to compete in the championship. Instead, countries will choose a few of their top player to send in.

The Truth

I had to ask Logan, ” what is Cards Against Humanity About? ” Logan is a super cool kid who had these cards by the hundreds and shared the same home as me. I don’t blame him for his response either, which was something like, ” oh boy, let me see here…magic, sorcery, wizzards-it’s kinda complicated! ” I love the kid to death but he left me more puzzled than I had been before the inquiry. This is likely the response you will get from a Pro when you want some answers. Logan wasn’t buying, playing, and collecting MTG cards in 1993 but he sure knows the games origins as if he opened one of the originals. It is not necessary to go back in time to catch up with story line, you can start with any expansion. I don’t like the fact that I can’t strike up a game with friends or chime in on ” MTG talk “, so I’ll be headed back to the past for card play.

I absolutely love the artwork on these cards and sometimes attempt to draw them. I’m no artist. My point is I have always liked the cards but have never been a player or expert on these particular cards. Doesn’t mean I don’t own any. I’m a card collector at heart so I have some of the rare cards people seek. I am really gonna study, learn, apply and become a pro at Magic The Gathering. I WANT IN!!!

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” Put Some Respect On My Game! “

The more I talk about it the more I respect it. I don’t know if that means cracking my ” Becket’s ” open and building a super deck out of rares or humbling myself to that old trusty starter pack they mention to us. Probably gonna be the latter in this case. I don’t know about you but I’m gonna be making up for lost time, worlds, and multiverses in my spare time. Thanks.

I hope I gave you some value and some clarity otherwise my exit seems very weird.

Question: Are you OK with people who buy certain cards for their value but don’t have interest in the actual game?


Hey, if you have any questions, concerns or comments please feel free to leave them below in the comments section.

Best Cards & Best Regards

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