What Is A Tarot Card Reading For?

What Is A Tarot Card Reading For?

Tarot Cards have been around for many centuries and the questions about them are centuries old as well. What tarot is, what tarot cards are, and what is a tarot card reading for are just a few of the questions we want answers to. You were probably right with whatever you assumed but if you’re anything like me you want a clear answer. I have it!

Tarot Card Reading

3 Card Tarot Spread


Tarot card reading is the practice of using tarot cards to gain insight into the past, present, or future by formulating a question, then drawing and interpreting the drawn cards. Past, present, and future can be interpreted by using a simpler 3 card spread. Mind-Body-Spirit or Situation-Action-Outcome are more examples that can be interpreted by this particular spread. The variation of this spread is pretty much indefinite. The Celtic Cross, which is a 10 card spread seems to be the most classic spread of all but there are many more including the popular Tree of Life spread.

Celtic Cross Tarot Card Spread

If you are unfamiliar with divination like I was, it may seem that someone who reads tarot cards is “predicting the future”. After doing a little research I realized that Tarot Cards are tools Cartomancers use simply as a guideline. With these guidelines in place, you won’t get a prediction of your future but more of a possible outcome of what will be and the influences related to the issue at hand.  A Tarot Card reading is intended to arm you with useful information so that you may make more informed choices. Think of Tarot as a tool for self-awareness and reflection, rather than fortune-telling.


A Tarot Card reading can be used for self-development, making choices, manifesting goals, coaching others, planning a business, writing a book, meditating, personal insight, and of course, Fortune Telling which all involve tarot cards. According to Michael Dummett, a philosopher and tarot historian  “it was only in the 1780s when the practice of fortune-telling with regular playing cards had been well established for at least two decades, that anyone began to use the tarot pack for cartomancy “. A tarot card reading is also used widely as a device for seeking spiritual and personal growth.

How It All Works

I believe it all begins in a quiet comfortable setting with the reader asking if there is any specific area you would like to focus on and if so the reading may start from there. The reader will shuffle the cards and layout one of many spreads to work from. Some readers will choose cards while others claim that spirits make the choices for them. The chosen cards are then interpreted by their traditional meaning and the following cards being laid out.

Have a Question, Topic, or Focus

Understand the subject’s needs by defining a clear question, topic or focus of what they want insight on.

Shuffle & Reset

You need to be one with your cards so I suggest you shuffle the cards until you and the cards are ” cleared “. Cut the cards as you see fit and keep them laying face down.


Tarot spreads give you a structure in which you can explore your questions. For beginners, I recommend using the 3 card spread.  One of the simplest readings you can perform is the past, present, future spread. Take the top card from your shuffled deck, and reveal them one by one, left to right. There are many more spreads for you to choose from.

The Reading

Each position in the spread reflects an aspect of your question to consider. Interpret the tarot cards according to their traditional meanings. With practice, I believe many readers add their own spin to the readings and so can you.


Following a ritual and treating your cards with respect and significance is encouraged. Whatever ritual you come up with for yourself is perfectly fine as long as you implement one in your practice. The most important ritual of all would probably be to ” clear the cards “. Make it a habit to clear you and the cards after a tarot card reading. Just do it!

What The Future Holds

Do you aspire to be the world’s next great psychic or have you thought about being the ” subject ” to a great psychic? Either way, I have recommendations. If you’re wanting to receive a personal tarot card reading I suggest you do a little research about the subject and find a reputable tarot card reader in your area or try finding reputable readers online. That’s right-online. With today’s technology, you don’t even need to go see Miss Cleo in-person to receive a psychic reading. Just be aware of the ones who promise to accurately predict your future in great detail. Most readers agree that the future is way too fluid for such accuracy. However, feel very relaxed and comfortable with the one who offers insight and many possible outcomes to the situation at hand.  If you want to try out your fortune-telling skills, do a quick reading, or just get an answer to a very basic question, I recommend using the simple and basic Three Card Layout for your tarot card readings. It’s the easiest to interpret. I assume you’re not an expert on tarot card reading because you’re here with me so you may want to start off light when choosing your very first deck. In my article ” What Are Tarot Cards? “, I also recommend to beginners of the craft to use THE RIDER-WAITE TAROT DECK which is a classic deck and was derived from the “Tarot de Marseille“. There is probably no one correct deck for beginners to start with but this particular deck seems to be popular among readers and the price is easy on the wallet. Did I mention they’re beautiful? THEY ARE!

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My Prediction


Relax. I can see what your future holds, my friend. I see that you will accomplish many great things that I can’t clearly see at this time but rest assured they are great. I see that you will continue to live a good life as long as you are good to others. I see you with fortune and fame as long as you work hard to get there. Love is knocking at your door. Open it.

Wait a minute! I see more things in your future. I predict that one day you will get a tarot card reading done for personal insight. I predict that you will do some research and learn more about tarot card reading. I predict that you will buy yourself some tarot cards and begin reading for others. I predict that you will be the best tarot card reader ever!

If you ever decide to be the subject of a tarot card reading and the results sound anything like my prediction of your future you should maybe find another reader. You should walk away with insight, not hopes and pipe dreams.

Deal Me In

Man Dealing Cards

I would hate to be left out on what you think about this topic so how about you deal me in. If you don’t mind please share your thoughts, concerns, or questions in the comment section below. Please don’t take my prediction seriously.

Best Cards & Best Regards

Jontae, CEO & Founder Of Cards Cartel




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