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What Is A Graphics Card For?

I’m no expert when it comes to computers, computer components, or any of the ” Motherboard Madness ” but I know a little about online gaming and I want in. It’s time to step my game up and build my first Gaming PC. There are some different components I know I will need to successfully build this Gaming PC and a graphics card is one of them. I needed to know what is a graphics card for and would I be purchasing one in the future. I will.

A Graphics Card, simply put is a video card that is an expansion card used to generate a feed of output images to display devices. Simple enough? Not only is this simple enough for geeks and gamers to grasp, they understand it’s a must-have to get the full HD experience we all desire. The Integrated Graphics Processing Unit, ( IGPU ) should not be confused with a graphics card; the integrated graphics provided do not compare to the HD quality of a graphics card. GPU computations are known to be extremely memory-intensive and graphics cards solve this problem.

The images you see on your monitor are made of tiny dots called pixels and the computer decides what to do with each pixel in order to produce an image. If a computer has Graphics capabilities built into the motherboard a graphics card is not needed. For more extreme gaming and video editing please get yourself a video card.

PC Gaming Set Up

Your buddy who has the sick gaming setup and now makes a living streaming Call Of Duty on YouTube most definitely owns one. Otherwise, your good friend would still be on the ” other side ” where you and I currently reside. Don’t feel bad for one minute about being over here with me because you know we still have tons of fun with our basic PC’s and game consoles. If you’re anything like me you probably have every game console and all the games you like to play and that is absolutely fine. Fine if you like being stuck in time and basic gaming. Now that you know what a graphics card is for you should be able to decide if you need something like this. I DO!

Online gaming is definitely trending and absolutely the best way to enjoy all of your favorite games. If you intend on coming up with a sicker build than you buddy you should already be considering getting your hands on one of these cards. Having the right graphics card will make or break your build and set you apart from the rest for sure.

How Graphics Cards Work

The CPU sends information about the image to the graphics card. The graphics card’s job is to decide what to do with the pixels in order to create an image. It is transmitted to the graphics card as binary data. To create a 3D image, the graphics card first creates a wireframe out of straight lines. A rasterizing process begins then lighting, color and texture are added. During complex video editing or fast-paced gaming, a computer goes through this process roughly 60 times per second. Without a graphics card to perform the necessary calculations, the workload would be too much for the computer to handle. Treat your computer to a video card. It’s worthy of it.

Greater Graphics

AMD and Nvidia are at the top of the list when performing a search for graphics cards. Even when searching for the ” Top Ten ” or ” Best ” you will find these two companies and their products throughout the list. Although Nvidia seems to be the best between the two, AMD still has a lot to offer. These cards are used for far more than just gaming but when it comes to gaming the Nvidia cards outdo the AMD graphics cards by a long shot. After reading about both and doing a little research on their products I’m gonna wait until I can afford the Nvidia GeForce RTX Titan; it is hands down the best on the market. For a cheaper option and a card that claims to do just about the same as the Nvidia, the AMD Raedon RX 5700 is one to keep an eye on. Cheaper but not cheap.

AMD Raedon RX 5700

AMD Raedon RX 5700

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

Nvidia GeForce RTX Titan

Nvidia GeForce RTX Titan

Pay To Play

You have to ” Pay to Play “, is a phrase I often use and a motto I generally live by. Because it’s true! This phrase is especially relevant when it comes to PC Gaming because in order to play you’re gonna have to spend some cash. I understand this. I’m going for the sickest build in the world but that doesn’t mean you have to my friends. I already have a sizable budget set aside to build my ” Ultimate Gaming PC ” and I need a card that can handle the workload so I’ll be going for the Titan. Once I have it in hand and hooked up properly I’ll give you guys a review.


Graphics Card A.K.A. Video Card

Video cards are useful for professional applications like Adobe Photoshop to edit photos or even business videos. It has its own dedicated random access memory ( RAM ) and a graphics processing unit ( GPU ) both optimized for dealing with video. These cards handle specialized instructions that an onboard GPU can not.

My Recommendation

NVIDIA Titan RTX Graphics Card Recommendation

Get a graphics card. Get the NVIDIA Titan RTX Graphics Card. Seriously! If you want unbelievable speed and unmatched graphics this is the card for you. If your goal is to have an expensive build this will definitely add major value to your project. I don’t usually like to recommend expensive products but when it comes to building a Gaming PC I must recommend the best and the best just happens to be on the expensive side.

” As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. “

Don’t buy anything just because I recommend it but do take it into consideration. I am not aware of your gaming needs and you may not need a ” Super System ” as I do. There are other companies that make these cards and both these companies have cheaper options to choose from. I hope I was able to at least answer your question.

The End My Friend

I enjoy researching all things card-related and sharing my findings with you guys. I especially enjoy learning as I go and will keep you updated on trending card-related topics. If you have anything you would like to add like a comment or a question please feel free to leave it below in the comments section below. Thank you.

Best Cards & Best Regards

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  1. This has been a very educational read about what is a graphics card for. I somehow thought a graphics card was essentially for getting better quality photos, but never realised how important it was for gaming. 

    Which one of these graphics cards that you discuss would you recommend as being the best for a beginner who has a limited budget? Would the AMD Raedon RX5700 be better than one of the Nvidia’s?

    1. Author

      Thank you LineCowley for your comment and question. I too had my own idea of what a graphics card was and my idea was similar to yours. I also never thought I would need one until I realized its uses. The AMD Raedon RX5700 has 4k capabilities but could run into some issues with more graphically intense programs like gaming. If gaming is not your goal, I would recommend the AMD Raedon RX5700. I’d also recommend waiting until you can afford a graphics card to handle all your needs instead of sacrificing quality using a subpar video card. I really have a problem with recommending products or services that are expensive, but in this case, you have to ” pay to play “. Thanks again for the comment. Have a nice day.

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