Blue Eyes White Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh Card

The Great ” Blue Eyes White Dragon ” Card

1st Edition Blue Eyes White Dragon Card


1st Edition Blue Eyes White Dragon Card



Limited Edition Blue Eyes White Dragon Card

Limited Edition














89631139 1st Edition Yu-Gi-Oh Card1st Edition




Blue-Eyes White Dragon Rainbow Colored Background Card





1st Edition









Speed Dual Card1996


Yu-Gi-Oh Card 1st Edition








1st Edition








Limited Edition Yu-Gi-Oh Card Jump-EN068Limited Edition




Blue-Eyes White Dragon LCKC-EN001












1st Edition



YU-GI-OH Field Center Card




2013 PSA Perfect 10 JPN Promo






2013 PSA Perfect 10 JPN Promo









2016 JPN Blue Eyes White Dragon Perfect 102016 JPN Blue Eyes White Dragon Perfect 10



Twin Dragons










Twin Dragons




Triplets!!! 3 Blue-Eyes White dragon CardsTriplets!!!


Dragon Fever


I really wish you could hear me singing this song I just came up with called ” Dragon Fever “….. I’ll just go ahead and lay it on you anyway….. “ I got dragon fever, she got dragon fever, we got dragon fever, we’re in love.  She gone dragon crazy, I’ve gone dragon hazy, ain’t no thinking maybe, we’re in love. She got dragon fever, I’ve got dragon fever, we got dragon fever, we’re in love. I’ve gone dragon crazy, she’s gone dragon hazy, we’re each others baby, we’re in love.

Sounding familiar? If you ever watched the movie, ” Jungle Fever “, you will quickly realize this song is from the movie soundtrack and I stole it and inserted dragon where I saw fit. Don’t mind me I’m just having fun researching YU GI OH cards.


This is arguably the most popular YU GI OH card ever printed and for many good reasons. Some people are willing to smell his breath for just one of his cards. I’d likely be in the dragon breath smelling line if I wasn’t already a rightful owner of several of these treasures. This blue-( watch yo mouth! ) is awesome. When it is not made clear by the designers if our card characters are male or female I feel I have the right to assign gender. So yes, he’s a bad ( mother- what you say? )

” This legendary dragon is a powerful engine of destruction. Virtually invincible, very few have faced this awesome creature and lived to tell the tale. ”

I’m sure you think I’m going overboard trying to sell you this kick-ass story about this particular card but I assure you I am not. That quote is printed directly on the back of the card. Must be nice to play with a card boasting around such dominance.

The First Edition Addiction

The Blue Eyes White Dragon 1st Edition YU GI OH Card addiction I have is insane. It falls in line with my ” Top 10 Favorite Cards I Own ” list and is not at the bottom by a long shot. I have mixed feelings about this one here because I honestly don’t understand its value. I own all these cards pictured except for maybe the three foreigners and I don’t know if I’m sitting on gold or just great cards. I sometimes collect cards for their value and this is one of them. I have many of these cards just lying around. Seriously guys, this was not some super rare hard to find card so its popularity is amazing to me.

Lenny is the card shop owner in Indianapolis who would bluntly bring me back to earth anytime I strolled in his shop with my valuable cards. They were not valuable at all. Yup, that 1990 Hoops Michael Jordan card I have babied all my life was valued at under $10. Lenny’s a great guy but I never wanted him to tell me my cards were not valuable because of ” Mass Production “. The reality was that Mike ( and other players that year ) were so popular and the demand was so high for these top players that they were being mass-produced. Meaning no matter how good a player he was his card was not going to be rare and valuable. I am under the impression that the same thing went on with some of these popular game cards I own.

A Confused Confession

Rare YU-GI-OH Card has claimed that this particular card is reaching prices ranging from $1,500 to $5000.

eBay s’s sold listings.

eBay s's sold listings.


eBays' Sold Listings-1


Listed Cards

Listed Cards

Someone looking to sell one of these cards on eBay like I was may be a little confused when pricing his/her own. I got my cards for pennies on the dollar so I was in disbelief when I saw what these cards were selling for. The one going for nearly forty grand will catch your eyes especially if you’re holding a copy of it. I was and I was naturally excited because these are the scores I dream about. Reality is much tougher than I am and always wins and this proved true when I clicked the ” sold ” box on the left and got the real deal. The real deal wasn’t bad and after doing some math I thought I could keep one and make a pretty penny selling the rest on eBay. But wait, the cards above are graded differently are not perfect tens and more importantly, not mine. Although I intend on sending a few off to Becket I never stated my cards were graded. Never said they were in perfect condition either. I’m confused about the value of my own cards. It seems like they aren’t valuable unless they are graded. My goal is to have one of the most valuable card collections in the world so I’ll be getting some grades. This card is definitely on the most valuable list.


I’m ” Dragon ” This One Out

You heard me right! I’m dragging this out to the end. I’m gonna protect my treasures with a hard protective card case that Becket or PSA sends back to me graded and sealed. I’m even gonna send the one with the soda stain on it because these are classics. I’m almost positive I have at least one that will score a 10 and we all know how strict these grading services can be on us. After I lock and seal mine away forever I am going to hunt for the remainders out there and slowly tuck them away.

Fret not! I don’t have the time, resources or the money to stop you from getting your fingers on as many of these cards you desire to own. If you don’t own one of these cards it would be a good Idea to purchase one. Maybe two. One to put away because of its value and one to play the game with, let’s not forget, this is a Legendary Beast.

Beast Mode

I’m having too much fun with these headings. Get in ” Beast Mode ” and go find you that card you been reading about. Amazon is a great place where you can find this particular card. When searching be a beast about it. Get all the information you need and make sure the seller’s information is legit. If you want 1st Edition make sure to put that in the search bar, and even when those results appear carefully examine the card you are considering purchasing. Graded cards are guaranteed to be authentic and of course add value to cards. If you are a collector I would consider purchasing a graded card or buy card protectors along with your cards to prevent damaging them over time.

Blue Dragon Eye

I’m Gonna keep a dragon eye out for all of your card concerns. I am more than happy to help you with anything that I can. If you have anything you would like to add, have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

Best Cards & Best Regards

Jontae Smith, Founder of Cards Cartel













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