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The Best Pokémon Cards I Have

The  Pokémon Trading Card Game is one of the world’s most popular and successful games and has amassed a huge and diverse worldwide fan base that includes you and me. I have always enjoyed playing and collecting these cards since the first cards were published in 1996. These are the best  Pokémon cards I have and maybe not the best to have for playing.

I Do have a favorite  Pokémon Card that I will share last because it’s my favorite. This list is in no particular order.

If Game Freak, Pocket Monsters, and Nintendo don’t sound alarms you may not recognize any characters on my list.

1. Pikachu

1999 Pokemon Pikachu Card

One of my all time favorite  Pokémon is this furry, electrifying 1 foot 4-inch tall squirrel-like creature we’ve all come to love by the name of Pikachu. Pikachu is the cutest thing ever created and you can bet your bottom dollar that I have him in plush form as well. Pikachu is a prime and probably the best example of ” looks are deceiving “. Pikachu is all cute and adorable but when attacked can project electricity at a target. Don’t approach if you have bad intentions.

2. Mewtwo

Pokemon Card Mewtwo

Mewtwo Is one of my best cards and characters for several reasons. Mewtwo is purple which is my favorite color and this card is laced in it. I also gave Mewtwo a gender not knowing if it had one. I wanted a kick-ass female character and Mewtwo fit the description perfectly although it is gender-less. If you have ever watched the movie ” The Color Purple “, take a look at the card above, look at Mewtwo’s face and fingers and the fact that this card is purple and you may laugh but definitely understand my love for Mewtwo. This card is just tying too many things together in my life. MEWTWO!!!

3. Machoke

Pokemon Card Machoke

Machoke may have been watching me train in the early nineties and stole my signature low kick and virtual throw but I’m OK with that. He may have also stolen part of Macho Man Randy Savage’s first name and apparently the World Wrestling Federation Championship Belt. Another character I felt I had the right to assign gender to. It seemed like the artist did too. My reference to a wrestling legend should let you know I know a little something about wrestling and Machoke just seemed like my Championship Belt winning Pokemon and this card caught him posing in all his muscular reptilian glory.

4. Trainer

1999 Pokemon Card Trainer Bill

Trainer Bill can really mix things up, right? Professor Oak can too but it’s a little tricky and you have to play your cards right to get those six ( 7 ) cards. Well with this card my buddy Bill lets you draw two cards when it’s your turn. That could really change the game. Would you just look at the smirk on his face. He knows this card is one of the best out there.

5. Charizard

1999 Pokémon Charizard Shadowless Holo

1999 Pokémon  Charizard – Holo Shadowless

Feast your eyes on one of the best Pokémon cards ever printed. I own it. I’m old school and this was like the ” Holy Grail ” of  Pokémon cards for me. This particular card wasn’t that hard to come across early on. In fact, I had about three and they got beaten up pretty bad. This powerful fire-breathing beast is such a beauty and has added at least $500 to my entire collection. Do you just remember reading that I had three? That’s correct. I purchased these bad boys for pure entertainment and at the time had no idea that I could be paying off my college tuition with one graded by Becket Grading Services with a score of a perfect ten. Do you happen to be the rightful owner of any of these treasures?

I probably own just about every  Pokémon card that we regular humans can obtain. Those were my best  Pokémon Cards.

Not For Sale

Besides my Mewtwo card the other cards on my list have been graded and on display. Sometimes I just like to go in my room cut on the light in my display and take it all in because it took a very long time to get to this point in my life.

I’m saying all that good stuff to say that my cards are not for sale or trade. Why would you want my cards anyway when you can go buy the same Pokémon Cards at Walmart. You can probably even get some folks to pull those binders down from those attics and let you have your way. Most of my collection was formed from that exact same method.

The Image Below Is A Link To Purchase Pokémon Cards

” I earn a small commission on qualifying purchases made through this link. “

Virtual Handshake, Shall We?

My virtual handshake is just as reliable as Machoke’s virtual throw and that stolen low kick. With that being said I’d like to offer it and agree that these may not be the best Pokémon cards available. I’m not sure if you are any closer to what you were looking for before you decided to read about my best picks. I’m also not satisfied if this didn’t help you in any way.

I would love to dig deeper with you on this topic to find out what ” best ” truly means to you. Are you looking for the best  Pokémon cards for their contribution to the game or how much money you can make off valuable Pokemon cards.

ILLUSTRATOR is one of the most valuable  Pokémon cards. Promo cards and tournament cards are valuable as well.

Before we crack this mystery together please tell me which cards you think are the best. Think about it, we both may have been holding on to gold and not realizing it. Best doesn’t ‘t have to mean most rare or most expensive so good luck.

Deal Me In

You might as well. I absolutely love cards of all kinds and I would be honored to help you in any way I can. Check back with me and I’ll have that answer for you because now I want to know just like everyone else. Please feel free to leave any questions or comments you may have in the comment section below.

Best Cards & Best Regards

Jontae Smith

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