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Is Cards Against Humanity Online Multiplayer Possible?


Their website is very clear about what these cards are about, how horrible you are for being there, and also answering ” your dumb questions ” with clarity. On its web site’s homepage, there is a section titled ” your dumb questions “. And I must agree there are some dumb questions these guys have to reply to. Not one dummy asked ” Is Cards Against Humanity Online Multiplayer a thing? ” That’s because that’s not at all a dumb question so it wouldn’t belong there in the first place. In fact, it’s a question smart ( maybe horrible ) people like you and I intend on getting the answer to. And bet your bottom that we will. I’ve done some digging and I have some things to share with you about this burning question.

I can start by telling you that their official website doesn’t boast any such play exists or that it’s even a thing at all.

Cards Against Humanity Terms Of Use

Cards Against Humanity Card Making InstructionsCards Against Humanity White Sample Cards

Cards Against Humanity Black Sample Cards

Their website does let you download the game for free and gives instructions on creating cards and game rules.

Anyone can download this PDF and I’m assuming it’s the same version so you and all your horrible friends would have the same cards on file. Everyone could easily follow those instructions and make their own decks. When reading the official rules of this game I can spot a few challenges right away. The first challenge would be communication, players would want to interact with other players. Seeing reactions after reading answers is supposed to be a part of the fun. Even with an elaborate video chatting system put in place, the Card Czar wouldn’t be able to deal the cards to the players. No need to discuss the other challenges I foresee. I don’t think it is possible to play Cards Against Humanity online multiplayer? 

So Not True!?!

I know I get it. How can you be reading this when you know people are playing. You think I don’t know what I’m talking about. Ok, that was an assumption and you may actually believe what I’m saying. Here’s the thing…I kinda do know what I’m talking about and I care and want to give you facts about this subject.

You Can Not Play CAH Online With Your Buddies

Remember we are talking about an officially licensed game and their own site mentions no such play. I must say that because there are several clone games and other ways you can play a multiplayer game that is pretty much the same.

One of the ” Dumb Questions ” answered on their website is this one: Can I make my own Cards Against Humanity thing? I won’t repeat the answer here for you but the answer is pretty much a ” NO ” and they even let you down in a funny way. So making and playing clone games is wrong and probably even illegal. Which means I’m probably headed to prison in the future because I wanted to play like everyone else and found exactly what I was looking for online.

Clone Wars

Cards Against Humanity Clone Game Sample

I’m not gonna go out of my way to hide where this screenshot above came from but I did my best. As you can see this is a pretty good clone of our beloved game. And this is where I played a few games of cards today. They make it very clear to you that they are not affiliated with CAH and these aren’t authorized and so on. I must say the game is literally the same.

It took me no time to find this site in fact it’s on Google’s first page. I spent a lot of time on the site looking around and reading different things. One of the things I read was what appeared to be an official tweet to Cards Against Humanity.

Screenshot Of All Bad Cards Tweeting @ Cards Against Humanity

Seems a little odd that the official site would be sharing tweets with a website copying their style.

Another website I ran across goes into detail about making video chat possible, the setup, how to invite & join, the links you need to view cards, and how this is the closest Cards Against Humanity online multiplayer experience you can get.

You Can But You Can’t

I probably risked a lengthy prison sentence getting to the bottom of this mystery but it was all well worth it to get you some information. You know there are a few things out there that are copies. You know if you wanted to you could play on any of these platforms. You also know what CAH stated about making your own thing out of their thing. DON’T DO IT!

I wanna know if you are so horrible that even after the makers of a horrible game warn us not to dare be as horrible as them, will you be that freaking horrible to then go and seek out a horrible clone of the original version. Horrible!

Relax, I don’t think you are horrible even though the original makers of this game seem to think you certainly are

If you want more information about Cards Against Humanity you should check out my horrible review about them.

Please, if you have anything else to add, have a question, or simply want to leave a comment you can do so below.

Best Cards & Best Regards

Jontae Smith

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  1. Card against humanity it sounds horrible, I wonder what does it mean. The fact that it against the human nature it has no interest with human. I also want to know and understand the purpose of manufacturing these devices. If manufacturing this product was aiming to improve human life it shouldn’t be called this name rather, not unless the owner is aiming to despise the  human nature 

    1. Author

      Thank you for the comment. I agree with you about Cards Against Humanity sounding horrible. The name of the game is meant to be offensive as well as the game. I have an article titled ” What Is Cards Against Humanity About? “, where I answer that question in detail. I will tell you that these cards don’t suggest you do anything against humanity other than joke about it. Friends gathered together joking around in a safe place is a lot better for humanity than committing an actual crime against humanity. I think the purpose for manufacturing these cards is just for entertainment and not to encourage acts of moral turpitude. I do understand your concerns so please visit again and read my articles I post on this subject. Have a great day.

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