Absolutely! Thanks, For Stopping By. Leave! For more detailed information follow the arrows below. Trading Card Games, I’m sure you’ve noticed, is a huge market and it continues to grow rapidly. Most of these games have some cards, ( in most cases 1st edition ), that are very rare andContinue Reading

Let’s just go with the obvious and assume this game is about gathering magic. My work here is done. So a genius by the name of Richard Garfield created this game with inspiration from the two games Cosmic Encounter and Dungeons & Dragons. It was released in 1993 by WizardsContinue Reading

” As an Amazon affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases. “ Must be driving you nuts. You were a Pokemon fan when first edition cards were being traded in the nineties. Pikachu is easily one of your favorite Pokemon. You dream about the ILLUSTRATOR. You have piles of Pikachu cardsContinue Reading

  The Pokemon Trading Card Game is one of the worlds most popular and successful games and has amassed a huge, diverse, and worldwide fan base that includes you and I. I have always enjoyed playing and collecting these cards since the first cards were published in 1996. These areContinue Reading