Trading card games are very popular worldwide and the Pokémon Trading Card Game is arguably in the top three if not the number one game of them all. You won’t run across many people arguing with that claim. Naturally, the cards and characters of these trading card games start toContinue Reading

YU-GI-OH Card Spread

Yu-Gi-OH! Cards are awesome. Let’s Face it. These classis cards have been around bringing joy to people for many years and will continue to do just that. The excitement you feel when engaging in battle has no price tag. That energy you give when you’ve defeated your opponent can’t beContinue Reading

Pokemon Cards

The  Pokémon Trading Card Game is one of the world’s most popular and successful games and has amassed a huge and diverse worldwide fan base that includes you and me. I have always enjoyed playing and collecting these cards since the first cards were published in 1996. These are theContinue Reading