Cards Against Humanity Review -Hold The Judgement!

Cards Against Humanity Review -Hold Judgement!

I thought it would be helpful to do reviews on the most popular and trending cards that I myself have or intend to buy. This list will continue to grow as I find more exciting cards that are worth mentioning to you. In this Cards Against Humanity Review I give it to you as straight-up as possible so that you  know exactly what you may dealing with.

Cards Against Humanity, Product Overview

Card games provide us entertainment when we need it most and I find that party style card games can be the best to choose when wanting to entertain our friends. Friends are gonna be the people you want to play this game with for several reasons you will surely pick up on in this review. In fact, you may need to solicit a group of horrible people from your friends list and get together and do your dirt in secrecy. This is because Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people. ” Unlike most of the party games you’ve played before, Cards Against Humanity is as despicable as you and your friends. “. That is a statement planted firmly on their website under the question, ” What is Cards Against Humanity? ” Believe Them!

Hold The Judgement

Hold Judgment for now even if it’s hard to because you may change your view on the word ” horrible ” or come to realize this company uses the word in a playful way to describe people who enjoy this game.

I am no stranger to this popular card game, in fact, I did an entire article detailing what is CAH about. In that article I joke with my readers about how horrible I am for having the answers for some example cards I viewed on CAH’s website. I later joke with them and label them horrible for being there in the first place seeking answers. I too used the word in a playful manner.

Knowing what I know about this game I figured it would be nearly impossible to do an honest review because I would have to play the game. Listen, this isn’t the type of review you want your author to put together based on other reviews and basic knowledge. I’m gonna go ahead and assume you want an honest review from someone who played the game so this at first seemed impossible because I felt a certain way about this game before playing. I also didn’t have the card game available.

Planned To Play

You wanna know something else? I don’t have despicable, awkward, and horrible friends to ask if they wanna join me for a game. You see, my friends are good people and don’t ascribe to things against humanity. I had to hatch my plan.

I made this post on Facebook and posted it to my City’s FB group page.

Facebook Post Made By Jontae Smith. The Post Was Made In A Chatter Group and it is Me Asking People About Cards Against Humanity. Picture of Cards Against Humanity Game with White Background

Screenshot of Brownsburg Chatter Screenshot of Jontae Smith's Laptop Screen Capturing Brownsburg Chatter Group.

Brownsburg Chatter is a private Facebook Group Page created by some wonderful folks in my city and has a little over twenty-four-thousand members. I am connected to them all but I only know a few personally. I thought this would be a good place to make that post. You see, I don’t have thousands of Facebook friends and the few hundred genuine ones I do have are not horrible people. All I’m saying is that out of this many people I had a better chance at finding some horrible people.

AS SURE AS SHIPS SINK I got what I was asking for.

AS SURE AS SH*T STINKS I got what I was asking for.

The latter would definitely be CAH’s version of my statement. If that statement bothers you then you may be on the ” Karen ” side of things. If you are not aware of the term ” Karen ” and what it means I believe based on that alone you will not enjoy this game. A lady from the community whose name is ” Karen “, commented on my post after reading through the comments and sounded very interested in playing. Hilarious-but that’s neither here nor there. Focus!

First person wrote, ” I f*cking LOVE the expansions! “, and after that nothing but likes, loves, and positive comments started to pour in concerning this horrible game. A bunch of folks had played recently and even our local book store ” Books & Brews “, jumped on the post and stated that they ” host “. One thing that kept coming up is that I would be better off playing with friends. People absolutely love this game but they tend to play with friends. Friends only!

One of the cons is that you are going to be required to use bad language and say some offensive words and phrases.


 An ” asshole ” can be considered a jerk. All my friends are assholes but definitely not jerks. I’m an asshole!!!

Yes. I can be an asshole. I say things that my mother would not be proud of. I own that.


People Who Play

People from all walks of life play this game and that was made very clear to me. A lot of the people who commented see me every day, I know who these people are. Some are retired professionals or just some cool town folks from around the way. I was really surprised to see these people on my post claiming they knew all about this game.

You never know what your friends are getting into these days and if you don’t regularly ask they may have picked up a hobby like playing Cards Against Humanity right under your nose. Those good friends I tried so hard to protect were the main ones all over my post. One said, ” where the f*ck have you been!?! “. A female friend said ” that’s my favorite game “. At least three of my friends who live here offered me a deck that they already owned. My friends are crazy! I couldn’t believe what I was reading. In the comments ” Kelly ” wrote, ” I have never played before but I would. “, followed by the smiley face, and devil emoji’s. Kelly is my roommate who never gave me any indication that she would play asshole by night-she’s the sweetest lady ever. When my friend Diane decided to make this a reality for me Kelly wanted all in. Message from: Diane…

Message From Diane-Screenshot of a Conversation Between Two Friends About Cards Against Humanity.

My reaction to her message is genuine. I would have never guessed she had a dirty mouth. Diane is my super smart human search engine who just happens to be a dental hygienist by day, and apparently, ” Dirty Diana ” when playing games.

Start The Game Right!

A Pile of Black and White Cards Mixed Together

Friends Playing Cards Against Humanity. Me and My Roommate Kelly Shake Hands Before Starting The Game

This horrible game requires at least four horrible people to play. Minor con. I did an entire article on these cards and forgot that four players are needed. There are many card games that only require two players so think about that.

We had to simulate two additional horrible people to play a few rounds and it worked out just fine.

One Pro of this game is that it is a very simple game to play with very basic instructions which made it very easy for us to simulate a four-player game. I was able to see and inspect every card that came inside of the box in detail.

Being hip to the game I braced myself, as I suggest you do as well, for the Q’s & A’s this game offers.

Jontae and Kelly Sitting On The Couch with Cards Against Humanity on the Table


Proud Horrible Winner!


Proud Horrible Winner! Jontae Pointing At Kelly While She is Celebrating Her Win

Proud Loser

Jontae Dressed Like a True American, Showing Off His " America " T-Shirt and Proud to be a Loser

Proud American also! I wore this beautiful shirt and hat to show love for our wonderful country and humanity as a whole. To further show my appreciation I’m rocking praying hands and a cross around my neck to symbolize whatever I’d like to, but for you, GOD. We had Coca-Cola and apple pie from McDonald’s. Don Mclean’s ” American Pie ” was playing loud in the back. OK-The last part was me trying to make you laugh and didn’t really happen-laugh!

We Have A Winner

Kelly smoked me and the two other dummies by a long shot with some very harsh and interesting combos she put together. As I said earlier, I love America and humanity as a whole so I purposely played to lose. This game doesn’t state how to win and the object is to have fun which I really think is awesome. Cards Against Humanity is a fun game. I must give credit to the makers for actually promoting fun with this game instead of a fierce competition among friends that some other games push.

I was actually calling the game a winner. I really like the game a lot and I have some things to say about it that are good and bad. Mostly good. I get why people are saying bad things but what about all the good things?

Here’s The Real Deal

 Literally! You are going to have to play this game for yourself to get a real feel of this horrible game.

 This review may not be enough for you to make a decision on whether you’re a fan or not.

Before you go out and buy this game or dismiss it lets get your hands dirty.

You wanna play a round? Don’t run now! You’re all in!

Let the game begin!

Here’s the deal!



Deal Me In Friend

1 Black Question Card to Represent The Card Czar's Card


Kelly’s Cards

10 White Cards Against Humanity Cards to Represent Kelly's Hand/Cards

My Cards

10 White Cards Against Humanity Cards to Represent My Cards

Dummy’s Cards

10 White Cards Against Humanity Cards to Represent Dummy's Cards

Your Cards

10 White Cards Against Humanity Cards to Represent Your Cards

According to the official game rules, the last person who took a dump will be the dealer or the almighty ” CZAR “. I don’t keep up with the populations dump report so we’ll let one of the dummies take all the honors. By the way, isn’t that a really funny way to start a party game. I think so. The remaining players will draw 10 white cards. I think you’re smart enough to see what I’m trying to do for you here. You are not required to play a combination each time it’s your turn but I really do like when players have to play a combination of cards. Here is that example for you.

(1.) Kelly’s Card Combo

(2.) My Card Combo

(3.) Dummy’s Card Combo

Cards Against Humanity Card Combo Possibilities From 3 Different Players

You Have Choices

I feel the need to remind you that I’m all American and all for Humanity. I may be a horrible person but I’m also horrible at playing this game. I had a much more offensive combination to fill in the blanks that I knew I would have stolen the round with but it was offensive to women.  Attitude will never be the same after Finger Painting. What do you think of it now?

Your 10 cards were handpicked by me so you can get a good idea of what you may be getting yourself into. There are other decks like the ” Period Pack ” and the ” Ass Pack ”  that will make these starters seem like alphabet cards for your children.

With the ten cards you have on screen you could give ” Killer Kelly ” a run for her money with a black joke. Or you could play a combo that would not be offensive at all. In this situation what kind of card combination do you play to offend?


Black People

Jontae Smith Playing Cards Against Humanity and Thinking About Funny Answer

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Black People will never be the same after The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. could be a possible combination you could play or you could get down and dirty and try to win the round. ” CON ALERT! “Being nice wont get you anywhere in this game.

Enough Is Enough

Cards Against Humanity is a horrible game for horrible people. If you are not horrible what the hell are you doing here in the first place my friend? Keep in mind I toy with that word a lot. The truth is that I absolutely LOVE this game because you hate it and are afraid of it. Not you, I’m talking about all the haters out there. Your grandmother could play this game. Think about it for a minute. Times up! Granny may be opposed to it if she knew what it was all about but if you put those same ten cards in front of her I bet she would have a subconscious combination for your behind. She wouldn’t share it with you for the world.

Funny Fact

Let’s not sit around and pretend like these phrases are entering our lives for the very first time. You’re familiar with these phrases. I’m not saying you go around using any of these phrases but I imagine you have come across many of them before. ” When I want to f*ck, I just grab em by the p*ssy!  ” I went ahead and put that first part in there to be funny. The point is that the President of the United States of America could get down and dirty and play this game. You too.


  • Very Explicit/Offensive Words & Phrases
  • You could possibly offend your friends
  • 30 + minutes to play this game to enjoy
  • Actually being offensive
  • Not playing your best cards because you feel they are too offensive
  • Possible conflict
  • Feeling guilt
  • Feeling pleasure
  • Feeling conflicted
  • Feeling sorry you ever played

One of the cons of this game is the time it takes to play it but on the other hand having fun with friends for 30 to 90 minutes at a time could prove healthy for the soul. Being an overall asshole and a jerk to people isn’t fun at all. Being an asshole among your friends who have similar humor and don’t get offended easily can be. Please, play with your friends.

Final Thoughts

Jontae Smith Sitting On Couch With Cards On Table Giving His Final Thoughts

I’m going to be getting the ” Ass pack ” soon!

You should not play this game if you get offended easily. This game aims to do just that.

If you  have anything to add to this review like comments, questions or even your own review please feel free to do so below in the comments section. Also, I’d be glad to see the card combination you came up with below in the comments section.

Best Cards & Best Regards,

Jontae, Founder Of Cards Cartel


Cards Against Humanity




Game Play





  • The amount of card to play with
  • Funny question cards
  • Funny response cards
  • Great design
  • Promotes fun


  • Heavy deck
  • Offensive words & phrases printed on cards
  • Time it takes to play
  • Feeling conflicted
  • Could start a conflict
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  1. It is very nice and interesting to rest through this amazing article, I’m also a big fan of card games and I love to play it with my girlfriend and my family. It’s his that you did this review, I’m also willing to know about the card and even get a pack for myself. Thanks for sharing, it’s quite resourceful.

    1. Author

      Hi Hanness, thank you for reading my review on ” Cards Against Humanity ” and leaving your comment. I’m very pleased to know you got enough information to want to know more and possibly purchase the game for you and your girlfriend. I wrote an article titled ” Seriously!?! What Is Cards Against Humanity About? “, please feel free to look for it in my blog. There are links to purchase this game in this review as well as the article I mentioned to you. If at any time you decide you want this game you could purchase it through these links I provided. Have a nice day>

  2. Dude, a website solely related to card games RAD!!! Cards Against Humanity sounded like a very funky game, it sure sounds like something you can mess around with your friends with. Who takes card games seriously? I would love to play this game with my friends it would be quite fun I suppose with all the “phrases” being thrown around. I guess this is a type of game that a family cannot play together, party game (Duh!).

    I am a fan of making new card games and this game is something that I would have never thought of. I know that I would also be a loser at this game. but it would be great fun. Thanks for the awesome walkthrough I enjoyed it!!!

    1. Author

      Hey Surya, thanks for your comment. Glad you like my website by the way. And yes, you should play with friends. You sound like me saying you would be a loser at this game. I wonder why?

  3. Hi Jontei, 

    This is such a surprise. I didn’t even know there was something called cards against humanity. It sounds most insulting and rude. But that’s the whole point. It’s supposed to be just that. 

    Great to have learned something completely new. I found some of the cards are downright horrid. But I guess that’s what makes people buy them and play. It’s great for a laugh, I’m sure. Anyways, we mustn’t take ourselves too seriously.


    1. Author

      Hi Aparna, Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this game. People should stay away if they don’t understand the point of this game. Have a nice day.

  4. Card games are not really my thing but I see what you’re doing here. There are few websites that hosts card game reviews. You’re providing a worthwhile platform for us users to gather information on what the card game is, the cost, the rating and an overview. I applaud you for your efforts and wish you the best. 

    1. Author

      Hi Madyibilg, thank for your comment. Thanks for taking notice of what I’m trying to provide here. Have a nice day.

  5. What a fascinating page and site.  We love cards and card games but are never quite sure which ones to buy and have sometimes been quite disappointed.  Right now, whilst “lockdown” seems to go on and on, I can see us referring to your site often. Having read your review, I don`t think Cards against humanity is one for us. But the Magic gathering looks interesting.  Do you have any plans to look at Tarot cards?

    1. Author

      Hi Trevor, thanks for your comment. Thanks for liking my website in general. I’m happy to know that I provided you with enough information to make a decision. This game just isn’t for everyone. My website is fairly new but I intend on covering all cards including Tarot cards. Have a nice day.

  6. What an amazing review Jontae – I almost really felt I was playing the game with you guys. This one does seem to be a card game I need to get my hands on, although it could start a potential war with my husbands and friends. The concept is really interesting and would love to see where this game would take us when playing!

    1. Author

      Hey there Priya, thanks for your comment. I tried to give the best review I could so readers had enough information to develop their own feeling about the game before making a purchase or dismissing the game. Lots of folks have gotten their hands on this game and maybe this game is for you and your group of friends. Have a nice day.

  7. I honestly don’t think I ever heard of this game, but it sounds interesting. From your review, this card game is nowhere near ordinary. 

    After reading this article, I had to really think about if I would buy it. The screenshot comments really praises the game. Sounds like a hell of a games night.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Author

      Hi Toni, thanks for your comment and for sharing your thoughts. Very far from the ordinary party style game and it would be a hell of a game night. Agreed. This game isn’t for everyone and it seems you may be one of them and that’s perfectly fine. So please, think about how you feel before buying this game. Have a nice day.

  8. Man I always love reading your articles! You get me engaged in seconds! 

    This horrible game… is well a horrible game. OMG….. It’s a riot though. I take it to parties, BBQ’s, hell and get together and the outcome is pure chaos!

    “Cards Against Humanity is a horrible game for horrible people. If you are not horrible what the hell are you doing here in the first place my friend? Keep in mind I toy with that word a lot. The truth is that I absolutely LOVE this game because you hate it and are afraid of it.” – I cannot agree more with this part of you article. Because it is very true. LOL

    Best regards,


    1. Author

      Hey Jordan, thanks for the kind comment. I appreciate you reading my articles and it’s always a pleasure meeting you here in the comments for a little discussion. Also thank for agreeing with the point I made. Have a nice day. 

  9. My friends and I sometimes play card games when we stay at home on Friday night and chill. Cards Against Humanity is another level. That’s a really great description what you have provided here, sounds like great fun and I think I should order it and surprise my friends. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Author

      Hi Ola Bee, thanks for your comment. No argument about this game being on another level, but I’d even call an that understatement. After reading this review I believe you know what to expect and surprising your friends with this game could turn out to be tons of fun. I’m happy I was able to give some information about this game. Have a nice day.

  10.  It’s important to remember that, sometimes, we don’t necessarily know
     everything about everyone. It’s all fun and games until someone says
     something that hurts another person in the room – and it’s not just
     about whether the content of that joke applies to them. I can say for
     certain that I’ve been in some pretty toxic situations where jokes were
     made that didn’t necessarily apply to me, but they nevertheless made me
     feel uncomfortable because they were targeting certain groups. It’s a
     horrible feeling to be sat in a room while the people around you laugh
     at the expense of those that, frankly, don’t deserve it.

    1. Author

      Hi Lucas, thanks for commenting. You bring up some very interesting points that I agree with. We don’t know everything about everyone but you would be better off playing with people you think you know. The last sentence of your comment may haunt people some day. Have a nice day.

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