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Are Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards Worth Money?

Yu-Gi-OH! Cards are awesome. Let’s Face it. These classis cards have been around bringing joy to people for many years and will continue to do just that. The excitement you feel when engaging in battle has no price tag. That energy you give when you’ve defeated your opponent can’t be purchased anywhere in the world. The love you have for these cards doesn’t cost a dime. But are they worth a dime on the market? Are Yu-Gi-OH Cards worth money?

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Trading Card Games, I’m sure you’ve noticed, is a huge market and it continues to grow rapidly. Most of these games have some cards, ( in most cases 1st edition ), that are very rare and sought after by game card enthusiast and card collectors like myself. Getting your hands on one of these rare cards can prove difficult if you didn’t keep yours from the nineties, have a bunch of cash to throw around obtaining them or were lucky enough to be a World Tournament Winner. You are smart enough to understand it would be hard to get your hands on some of those Tournament Prizes, however; it is very possible that you have some rares in your possession you don’t know about. Perhaps, you purchased a pack of cards that contained one of these ” rares ” in it. Maybe you have run across some cards and don’t know the value of them. Whatever the case may be, you likely wanna know, are ” MY ” Yu-Gi-OH! Cards worth money?

It Depends My Friends

That’s right. It depends on the cards you have in your collection. First things first. I have five questions for you.

  1. Did you participate in a local tournament and win?
  2. Did you participate in a national tournament and win?
  3. Did you participate in a World Tournament and win?
  4. Did you participate in a World Championship and win?
  5. Are you related to Kazuki Takashashi?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you are an amazing person and may be the rightful owner of one of the most valuable Yu-Gi-OH! Cards in the world. I imagine Uncle Takashashi letting his family have all the cards they desire.

The most valuable Yu-Gi-OH! Card ever made is the Stainless Steel Black Luster Soldier Card. It is the very first Prize Card issued for the first-ever Duel Monsters Tournament in 1999. This card has been listed for millions in the past. Off limits!

Top 10

  1. Blood Mefist estimated value $1,299
  2. Blue-Eyes white Dragon estimated value $5,600
  3. Skuna, Leonine Rakan estimated value $6,000
  4. Special Edition Cyber Stein estimated value $7,000
  5. Armament of the Lethal Lords estimated value $8,000
  6. Iron Knight Revolutions estimated value $12,999
  7. Amatsu-Okami of the Divine Peaks estimated value $18,800
  8. Dark Magician Girl estimated value $50,000
  9. Tyler The Great Warrior estimated value $150,000
  10. Signed Japanese Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon estimated value $421,00

Room to Argue

This top ten list was compiled from doing research on other websites mentioning the topic. These ten cards seem to show up on each site I visit. Except for #2, all other cards are prizes given away at tournaments around the world. You can find graded cards that are not ” Prize Cards ” that reach prices in the thousands. In fact, you may have a card that is worth thousands of dollars in your collection. I am the owner of several number two’s and they aren’t for sale my friend. I can help.

Beautiful Beast

1st Edition Blue-Eyes White Dragon 89631139

I love this card. In fact, this is one of my favorite cards. Click the picture above to read my article about it. I’m no expert when it comes to Yu-Gi-OH! but I do understand the value of some of its trading game cards. I have purchased many 1st edition cards in the past but I never learned how to play the game itself. My cards have been sitting in pretty good condition for nearly 20 years, and after a careful review, I realized I have some of these rares everyone wants. I suggest you look through your cards to determine if you have any rares.

It is a very good chance you have the card above. This card was not that hard to obtain or I was just one lucky guy because as I said above, I have a few. None of mine are graded or in perfect condition so they won’t fetch that 5k like others have.

There are tons of graded and non-graded cards for sale all over the internet. The graded one’s cost more.


YU-GI-OH Card List

Featured cards that have been professionally graded are worth money. Prices range from hundreds to thousands depending on the grade. The most sought after cards can have low grades and still sell for a few hundred dollars. It may be well worth your time to take a look at your cards to see if you have any of these treasures. I suggest you have them graded.

Amazing Amazon

You wanna talk about Yu-Gi-OH! Cards worth money? In my opinion all cards are worth some kind of money. I love cards-don’t argue. Here are some very expensive and valuable cards I think are and will be worth money in the future. Enjoy!

These are some cards you may want to purchase for your collection as well. These Booster Boxes give you a bang for your buck. Some of these boxes contain up to 36 packs of cards with all kind of specialties for you to enjoy. I’m not sure about second-market value on any of these sets but they seem to be must haves for this particular game-they’re packed!

Don’t Quit Your Job…Yet.

It be really cool if you guys already have some of these treasures and this article helped you to realize it. You could be rich! Before you tell your spouse to ” pack it up “, and your boss to ” shove it “, make sure you have the right cards that ask for these prices. Buy card protectors until you can get them graded to preserve their appearance. Wait on the grade. Quit!

Thanks, For Reading

I enjoy researching and gathering information on cards of all kind and I am pleased to share this information with you guys. If you have anything to add like questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to leave them below in the comments.

Best Cards & Best Regards

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