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Hello guys and welcome to my Cards Cartel website. I’d like to share a little background about Jontae.  Cards have been a part of my life for as far back as I can remember and over the years I have purchased thousands of cards for my personal collection. My cards will always mean the world to me.

As a kid, I used to make cards of all kinds in my little makeshift workshop I made for myself. I was creative. At the age of ten, I probably had an ID card, a business card, and every professional sports card of myself that I made. I was making a lot of these cards before I had seen them being made on a professional level. I invented the business card. Just kidding.

The Cards I Was Dealt

Deck of Cards in a Pair of Hands

I made cards for many reasons. Mainly because I couldn’t afford to buy cards all the time, especially sports cards. I didn’t mind spending all my allowance on a fresh pack of Topps as long as I could get more cards. I had a ” must-have ” list of about fifty players that I wanted cards for. I made my own version of that list and the more Topps I opened I was able to replace my old raggedy copies with officially licensed sports cards. I had a pretty nice collection at a very young age.

I would also make cards for occasions like birthdays or weddings. These type cards usually included me gluing something shiny on the card so that it would stand out – and they did.

For my name cards, I thought I knew what men and women would want on their cards so I kept gender in mind. When I made my ” lady cards ” I would use pink and purple construction paper and all the things I thought were girly materials. My guys got white paper black ink. I would draw something cool around the name and people really seemed to like my cards. I made my Dad a card you could call a business card not realizing it. The only difference was he needed to keep it and not pass it out. I never said I was mass-producing. I took a card and put all his booking info on it and got it laminated. I also made it so it could be attached to a lanyard or string of some sort. The love of cards has naturally turned me into a collector of all kinds of cards.

Playing With A Full Deck

Full Deck Of Cards in Hands

Once I became a teenager my allowance increased and I started buying cards that I actually wanted. I began to understand that these cards had value. In fact, I only wanted the cards of the big-name players because I saw the value in these cards. Non-sports cards had value too and I started to learn all about them. I then started collecting game cards as well and now my collection is massive and I love every single card. Sometimes I just sit back and take it all in because it’s really impressive.

Deal Me In

You will never be able to have a collection as great as mine but I can help you get closer to your needs. I’m only kidding guys.  I want to engage my readers on a personal card talk level. I want to help you make the right purchases on cards or services by bringing you valuable content to read. I can help you add value to your collection if that’s what you want. If you need any information on any particular card or anything card-related I’ll help you out.

If you need a hand with anything or if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below in the comment section.

Best Cards & Best Regards

Jontae Smith,

Founder Of Cards Cartel

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